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About Us

Our white labeled design services are specifically structured to meet the unique needs of small print shops and print/copy center franchise owners.

Don’t let another customer walk out the door due to low res images or lost print files.

​​We'll typeset, redesign, recreate and even build brand new designs, allowing for complete business capture from current and future customers.

Services include: Graphic design, branding, logos, corporate collateral, environmental graphics, car wraps, publication/newsletters, web design and typesetting.

Our Ideal Customer

Our ideal customers include:

– Print shops, print/copy center franchises and other vendors looking to round out their portfolio of services and capture full client attention by engaging Graphic Arts Professionals to white-label design work (GAP Staffing)

– Small business owners and startups looking to put basic corporate collateral pieces into play and initiate (or refresh) their web presence.

Our Team
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Tara Meeker
Creative Director
Products & Services


Have design requests but no graphic designer to fulfill them? That's where our GAP Staffing service can help. Don't lose another job because of a lost logo file or low resolution image. Call us today to learn more: 203.243.8383

Print Design

direct mail, point-of-sale materials, brochures, corporate collateral
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Put your business on the (digital) map with our WIX Website Assist Package. 5 Pages (Homepage-Gallery-Services-About Us-Contact) + walk through on Domain/Hosting/Email purchase and set-up. *Excludes cost of monthly domain, hosting and email fees (paid direct to service provider by client…...
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