Our Ideal Customer

Our ideal customers include:

– Print shops, print/copy center franchises and other vendors looking to round out their portfolio of services and capture full client attention by engaging Graphic Arts Professionals to white-label design work (GAP Staffing)

– Small business owners and startups looking to put basic corporate collateral pieces into play and initiate (or refresh) their web presence.

About Us

Our white labeled design services are specifically structured to meet the unique needs of small print shops and print/copy center franchise owners.

Don’t let another customer walk out the door due to low res images or lost print files.

​​We'll typeset, redesign, recreate and even build brand new designs, allowing for complete business capture from current and future customers.

Services include: Graphic design, branding, logos, corporate collateral, environmental graphics, car wraps, publication/newsletters, web design and typesetting.


Have design requests but no graphic designer to fulfill them? That's where our GAP Staffing service can help. Don't lose another job because of a lost logo file or low resolution image. Call us today to learn more: 203.243.8383

Print Design

direct mail, point-of-sale materials, brochures, corporate collateral
Businesses We Recommend
They always keep both the goal and budget in mind while delivering stellar work on time and thinking ahead for you… A+
A wondrous experience every time. Whether it's just to relax or help us work out a kink, Paula is always our first stop for massage therapy. Nestled quietly just off the beaten path and styled with natural elements, the studio is comfortable inside and out… the perfect setting for us to recharge physically and mentally. Add to that her skillfulness and an awesome range of services, it's an experience that can't be beat. A+
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