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Birth is different for everyone.

Birth is natural, exciting, unknown and to some intimidating for one reason or another. May it be the stories you have heard, lack of knowledge or fear of the unknown.

Knowing what your biggest "birth fear" is can really help you prepare for and do labor.

During birth, a mother’s body undergoes physically changes. This transformation is smoother if the mother is relaxed.

As a doula my role is to support my clients emotionally, physically and spiritually. Hopefully that support brings added peace.

Please message me to inquire are a FREE consultation to learn more.

Placenta Encapsulation:

I know some of you are intrigued, some a grossed out and some are a little of both. So lets clear some things up. Most mammals ingest their placenta. Ever wonder why?

Most mothers who consume their placenta experience the following benefits: increased energy, less likelyhood of mood swings, increased milk supply, among many other benefits.

There are various ways a new mother can ingest her placenta. The most common way in the U.S. is by encapsulation. The placenta is dehydrated, after being steamed. Then ground into a powder and put into capsules. Thus, placentophagy is as easy as taking a pill.

If you have any questions, I would love to answer them! (As best I can).

I trained with IPPA and am close to submitting my application for certification.

Why did Candace become a doula:

Candace has a B.S. in human biology and religious studies. Birth is a natural place where these two subjects meet. Add in her love of helping people and you get a passionate doula.

Candace hopes to support women and their families so that they may wholeheartedly enjoy birth.

(I know the idea of enjoying birth sounds a bit crazy but it happens for some).

Birth Doula

Birth is natural, exciting - Birth is different for everyone. My role is to support families - emotionally, physically, spiritually and as a resource of information.

Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta encapsulation can be a helpful tool in a mother's postpartum care. Capsules may provide increased energy, decrease mood fluctuations and increase milk production.

Postpartum Doula

Birthing a baby is hard work! Having an extra set of hands can be very helpful whether its dishes, laundry, entertaining older children, meal prep or a nap, I am more than happy to help!
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