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About Us

"Custom Gourmet Cookies" made to order for any occasion. They are an amazing "melt-in-your-mouth" treat! They are soft with a perfect balance of sweetness and light lemony flavor. GLAZED, not frosted, sets them apart from any other decorated cookie.

How We Got Started

Having a family that prefers anything other than cakes, I went in search of the perfect decorated cookie to bake for celebrations and events. After twelve years I finally found it and have perfected it to what is now our Signature Lemon Cookie. These cookies have been requested over the years for every holiday, party or school event that comes up. They have been made for gifts at parties in lieu of goodie bags. It really takes the party theme to another level. I have even been asked personally more times than I can count, by kids and adults alike, if they will be getting my famous "light bulb" cookies at Christmas. Of course, I never disappoint them.

Being told time and time again that I should make these to sell, I decided to do just that..creating Lemon Drop Cookie Shop.

Our Ideal Customer

Lemon Drop Cookie Shop caters to all types of customers, from corporations and small businesses, to individuals having a celebration, or someone just wanting a delicious cookie for themselves to enjoy. No order is too small or too large for us to create.

Our Team
Kelly Quezada from Lemon Drop Cookie Shop
Kelly Quezada
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