Our Ideal Customer

* Corporations, businesses, and organizations that need any kind of manuals, guides, handbooks, policies and procedures, ad copy, business correspondence, and more, written and edited.

* Anyone needing anything edited, books, novels, fiction and non-fiction, memoirs, articles, essays, Web content.

* Anyone who wants to write a book and needs coaching.

About Us

We provide business editing and writing as well as technical editing and writing in addition to our literary endeavors and publishing.

Contract editing and writing projects welcome. Specialty in banking policies, procedures and training; in regulatory compliance; business and banking risk management, internal controls and testing.

How We Got Started

A passion for poetry and the writing arts and to be a part of promoting it worldwide for the betterment of humanity. Simply a love of the spoken and written word.

Dropping Ants into Poems

A masterful work of literary merit in which DE Navarro gives us 27 engaging contemporary poems, 18 Zen poems, and 1 piece of flash fiction that all work together in an amazing way to develop the main theme of gathering words and seeds from the Timeless Lore and planting the seeds of words and...

Sometimes Anyway

Powerful poetry by the 2016 Pride in Poetry Prize winners and selected poets. A remarkably compelling compilation of 63 poems by 39 poets from all over the world that explores the character and quality of life and humanity—past and present—in the full span of our lives. It also features 8...

Dare to Soar

In Dare to Soar, DE Navarro takes us on an amazing poetic journey via 151 poems and essays, diverse in style, tone, voice, approach and form, to explore self, humanity, the city, country, nature, people, society, life and spirituality. Navarro draws on his eclectic heritage as a city boy, country...

Sell My Books At Your Business

Sell a local poet's book at your place of business, tell your customers that you support the arts and writing arts. I can sell you copies of my books at publisher's price of $3 to $4 and they retail for $9 - $12. You keep the profit at whatever price you sell them. You can return unsold copies...

Business/Corporate Tech Editing/Writing

We research, write, edit and produce policy manuals, procedures and operating instructions, how-to instructions, training programs, safety programs, employee handbooks, ad copy and marketing content for websites, blogs or printed brochures/pamphlets. We also draft or edit internal...

Poetry Publication Packages

Facilitated Publication Model ~ Finally, a publishing model designed by a poet for poets. Contact us for more details about packages. Article on LinkedIn about the publishing model: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/navworks-press-p... Sample Packages ...
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