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Citify is looking for small businesses to join it's online marketplace and sell their products and services. It is free to join, 5% commission if something sells.

Citify offers an online directory, an IPTV station, and it is accessible by app and chrome extension. People are searching for your products will they find them? What is in your city?

About Us

We imagined what would it be like to have the whole city in the palm of our hands, what if one could shop the whole city and beyond without actually visiting and consulting hundreds of stores and websites, what if all local sales, products and services were found on one site and can be ordered simply from any mobile device, so we came up with CITIFYMARKETPLACE.COM. CITIFY is an open online local Marketplace local shops, artists, suppliers, liquidators, wholesalers, and service providers found within cities across the world.

CITIFY is simple and practical to buy and sell anything found in the city. It is simple to start a businesses or to extend the reach of your current business. Sell your products without any risk, we only collect a 5% commission after a sale. It is ALWAYS FREE to open a shop.

We can be found here http://citifymarketplace.com

Promote your Business on T.V, sell online.

Citify has started an shopping channel on ROKU to promote your products and services. Shoppers will be able to see your products and but them through our app or website. Contact us for more information.

Citify Marketplace

Citify is an online/app eCommerce marketplace where businesses can sell their products and services within their city and/or around the world. Shoppers will be able to search and buy for products online and from any mobile device. Add your your products and/or services for free. There is only...
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Luxe Jewels offers great quality jewels at great low prices and with friendly service.
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