Our Ideal Customer

Our ideal customers are the decision-makers who are in need of support to deal with their particular set of challenges.

We can help those challenged personally or in business by employees, deadlines or feeling blocked.

Our expertise extends to helping managers, supervisors and directors deal more effectively with employee and workplace issues.

About Us

Dawn loves working with older teens, millennials, as well as adults who are stressed & feel stuck in a bit of a rut. Dawn wants to help readjust your attitude & help you find your joy again. Her experiences & skills will help with confidence-boosting & can get you back on the positivity track.

Dawn works with you to set goals & find actions with positive outcomes. She helps you find the structure & focus so that you can take ownership and make the positive career, work or life changes you desire.

Dawn's experience includes helping managers and supervisors with employee issues including workplace communication and performance issues.

Gord's focus is on helping entrepreneurs as well as individuals contemplating or already moving into retirement. He wants to ensure that you will WANT to get out of bed the ‘morning after’ retirement kicks in. His Retirement Success Profile™ and ‘reinvent yourself’ design plan will elevate you with a renewed vigour for life.

Gordon brings 30 years’ of business experience to his role as a business coach, working with entrepreneurs to help them successfully grow their businesses while enjoying a satisfying personal life.

How We Got Started

We want our clients to live successful, balanced and joyful lives.

We want them to find the confidence that comes with being in control of their lives and the satisfaction that comes with commitment and concerted action.

Our vision is to support you in finding and helping you create success with your passions!

Life, Wellness, Business, Masterminds and Retirement Coaching

Life Coaching: We help individuals successfully navigate life’s stressful transitions including career, relationships and parenthood. We help entrepreneurs clarify goals for their business and their lives, get oriented and move forward. We help people find passion and purpose beyond their...
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