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About Us

“Earth and Ocean” plays on the “food buddha’s” sensibility of wholesome food, natural ingredients, the connection to earth and the ocean. It also summons feelings that we all are connected, all cultures and backgrounds. It also evokes a lifestyle feeling of that is upscale, of the times, approachable, fresh, hand made and natural. Our food comes from these sources.

The brand also allows for versatility when it comes to food styles, we can morph into Asian, Italian, American, Latin, Spanish, etc.

E+O Food and Drink

The name refers to a casual establishment, a place for everyday eating and drinking, “food and drink” is inviting and unpretentious and ambiguous.

New American cuisine refers to his melting pot our country has become, today, sushi, pasta, Asian, Mediterranean and even Indian flavors are used in everyday cooking. The exposure to these cuisines is no longer limited to cosmopolitan cities. New American cuisine, still embraces comfort food, yet updated and steaks and chops, but now our food are sourced locally and have natural and organic origins.

Our Team
Aeron Lancero from E+O Food and Drink
Aeron Lancero
Products & Services

Happy Hour 4pm-7pm

Monday - $5 Vodka Cocktails Tuesday - $5 Tequila Wednesday - Half Priced Glasses of Wine Thursday - $5 Tiki Cocktails Friday - Half Priced Signature Cocktails Social Hour Menu - Half Priced Small Plates
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Mon - $5 Vodka Cocktails Tues - $5 Tequila Wed - 1/2 off Glasses of Wine Thurs - $5 Tiki Cocktails Fri - 1/2 off Signature Cocktails Social Hour Menu Available w. 1/2 Priced Small Plates