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About Us

http://art-faux.com Fine art, murals, faux finishing,marbling, wood graining classes painting for over 30 years in Naples Fl since 1987, we also have just recently added Live Stream video to our services for business interviews, art events and who knows what else. With this I will be doing live artist shows and how to for the "Do it Yourself" crowd

How We Got Started

I have been an artist all my life and in the painting industry for nearly 40 years, A painting contractor locally with my first business so it was only natural to start the decorative arts business for my way of retiring when I think we all have to face that time in our lives . The mammoth 20,000+ sq/ft homes are still challenging however only at one at a time

Our Ideal Customer

My Ideal Customer is the one who can appreciate fine art and decorative painting, Faux finishing is an art form that spans hundreds of years and is adorn in just about every home and/or business in Europe and throughout the world. Anyone who loves custom designed ceilings, fine art murals or even a consultation is the ideal customer for me

Our Team
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Arthur Morehead
Products & Services

Trompe Wood Graining

It's adding a door to a room or a cabinet to a wall Only it isn't real

Murals are hitting the Cafe's and Pools

Sure seems that once again new and old businesses are seeing the value of murals as signs. Looking at blank walls is not what I would call a nice setting either. Painted Palms and trees make nice backgrounds too

Trompe Loeil Door (Walnut graining)

Yes it's hand painted entirely. Painted Carved panels matching interior moldings elevator doors in high rise lobbies is where this type of work is done ask me how

Wordpress Sites

I can build and host Wordpress blog/sites and membership sites and plus do the hosting

Wordpress Sites

I have a few Wordpress blog/sites ready to go (includes hosting) Just need to tweak them to your needs, Just give me a shout

European Wall Art

Bringing you 40 years of fine art to your walls and Interior Designs Many hand painted features to choose from. Painted on removable canvas and/or directly in place
Businesses We Recommend
Yes , Yes. Yes, Can't say enough as for the innovation that they bring to the industry. I think you will be surprised
If you're on the go and need ontime transportation and know where to go tours in Naples, Look no further Dolphin is the best
Great Food, Great Service
Need some good ideas? Outside of the box kind of creativity with out a doubt. Some of the obvious things are the most overlooked
Looks like a good idea to me
Past Events & Promotions
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Yes I have just launched a local forum on my website. Come and take a look around as there is a lot more to see. With Live Art Painting and video i have also started video Interviews for creatives to help with getting noticed out there in the naple area
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Get that hand painted artwork today for the holidays. Makes a great gift, Interior exterior small murals can make a huge impact for you and/or your business
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Hand Painted Art by a professional is a great add on for your home and or business, Is It Real? or "Can I Touch It?" is what I hear mostly when it comes to Mural / "Trompe Loeil" work. I love painting at live events and although I am not able to climb (age) we can still paint on canvas to hang...

Highly Recommended

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