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About Us

As a personal trainer who has built his business around Better Programs, More Personal Attention, and Guaranteed Results, Cutting Edge Personal Training has been proudly transforming bodies for over 20 years.

Guided by my passion for fitness and desire to help others, I have been a consistently recognized by the National Fitness Hall of Fame over my career (Rising Star Award, named Top 10 Trainers in America, etc).

I'm not your average trainer and my clients don't get average results. But until someone actually experiences it, they will have no way of realizing how much VALUE is included into my programs. That is why I offer everyone a free trial. If interested, please contact me.

Our Ideal Customer

I specialize in transforming the body, building the fitness, and improving the health of the busy adult.

Could be an exercise novice or experienced fitness enthusiast. Doesn't matter. All they need is generally good ability to move (joint mobility) and a desire for change.

Those that fit the above criteria, I invite to come work with me at Cutting Edge Personal Training.

Better Programs, More Personal Attention, and Guaranteed Results!

Our Team
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James Cipriani
Products & Services

Nashville's Personal Trainer

For Better Programs, More Personal Attention, and Guaranteed Results...you'll want Cutting Edge Personal Training. To work with Nashville Personal Trainer, Jim Cipriani, contact him today for your free "Jump-Start Your Fitness" trial.

3 Things All Fitness Programs Must Have

Regardless of who you are, how long you've been training, or what your goals may be, ALL workout programs should include the 3 following criteria: 1. Strength Work 2. Mobility Work and 3. Conditioning Work If you're interested in complete program design, the best in personal training,...

The "Secret" to a True Total Body Transformation

Effort + Great Training Program + Good Nutrition + Consistency = Success! And the best, fastest, and safest way is to work with a qualified trainer, such as myself. Contact me if you're looking for Better Programs, More Personal Attention, and Guaranteed Results.
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