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About Us

I proudly provide effective mediation services to families from all walks of life:

> Divorce Mediation is a cheaper and quicker path to divorce than litigation. It results in better parenting plans and improved parental communication. Mediation keeps the decision-making in the hands of the divorcing couple rather than the judgment of attorneys and a judge.

> Parent Mediation helps separated, divorced, and never-married parents communicate and make shared parenting decisions.

> Marriage Mediation helps couples that want to stay married but are stymied by unresolved difficult issues.

> Parent-Teen Mediation can provide immediate relief to parents and teens at odds over important teenage problems like curfew, school refusal and dating issues.

My mediation practice includes:

• Free 30-minute no-obligation consultations

• Sliding fee scale based on income

• Referrals easily made by phone, email or website form

• Comfortable, supportive and flexible process

• Natick and Newton

How We Got Started

I had long been intrigued by the mediation profession. The more I considered learning about mediation the more I realized that I was already working as a de facto mediator. Finally, after several years working as an Adjustment Counselor at a local high school, a mediator friend encouraged and persuaded me to attend an introductory 40 hour class.

It was love at first sight.

The moment I entered the class I knew mediation was for me. The principles of mediation mirror my social work values, particularly the concept of self-determination. What appeared challenging for classmates was intuitive for me. And I really enjoyed it!

For the first few years after that initial training, I volunteered in the district court system, attended advanced trainings, received mentorship from veteran mediators, and slowly but surely built up my private practice.

I now provide mediation services to families from all walks of life.

Our Ideal Customer

Any two or more people who have a dispute or difficulty making mutually agreeable decisions on their own. Most clients are embroiled in family-related disputes, such as how to divorce; how to co-parent; how to resolve challenges within a marriage; how to open up communication with their teenage children; and how to resolve extended family disputes like estate planning and end of life decision-making.

Desired Client:


-Co-Parenting conflict

-Parent-Teen conflict

-Elder mediation/adult sibling disputes

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Ben Stich
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