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About Us

If it is real estate based we do it and we do it well.We buy, sell, manage, and refurbish properties in this area. WE also work with Commercial or Hard To Find specifications from long term buyers. Call (386)383-6600 and see if we are a fit for your needs?

How We Got Started

I have always enjoyed improving properties to the degree where the person applying the effort get compensated for that effort.

Our Ideal Customer

Knows the type of home, condo, or apartment they need, has the credit rating to buy it, and the motivation to do it now.

Our Team
Joe Hughes from Collado Real Estate
Joe Hughes
Products & Services

Sales & Investing

We Sell Property Primarily, but we also rent properties as well. Or we find you unusual properties other cannot or will not!

Sales & Investing & Selling Again?

WE act as Realtors/Mentors/Advisers/Sellers & Byuers! Call us and see for yourself! (386)383-6600
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Catherine, Thanks! Joe Hughes
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Past Events & Promotions
Free Home Evaluation to Sell, remodle, or lease.
We do Real Estate: Everything Having To Do With Real Estate! We know the business, we do not B.S. we do perform!

Highly Recommended

By 5+ Local Business Owners!
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