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Whomever you know that is having a "bug problem",Crawling or flying.Thinks they have termites,hears noises in the attic,or needs chemical free Mosquito control!!!

About Us

Macy’s Termite & Pest Control was founded in April of 1989 by John Macy, who at the time, had fifteen years of experience in the pest control industry. Dean Burnside joined the team as a partner in January 1996, and has helped grow one of the most successful locally owned pest management service companies on the west coast. Macy's is Sarasota's Pest Control choice. John Macy is now the official ambassador for the successful company, which underwent a name change in January, 2013 in order to get its mission into its name. Macy's is now known as Good News Pest Solutions!

Organic Pest Control:Safe for children and pets.

We also offer an Organic Mosquito service. Please view the video at NobiteZones.com
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She is extremely attentive and knows her products well
Bob is not only a great net worker but also has a very qualified staff of 5 inspectors that are always on time!!,
If you want your business seen,Contact Lisa!!!!!
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John Macy from Good News Pest Solutions
John Macy