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About Us

NorthEast Energy Advisors is an energy advisory group that works with commercial, industrial and property management companies to reduce energy costs.

As commercial energy consultants, we offer an industrial structure owner with expert recommendations in regards to how they can be able to enhance their energy efficiency in their industrial buildings along with how they can be able to conserve on costs.

We also ensure that businesses are able to fulfill all the requirements that have set out by the different codes and policies in regards to energy performance and compliance.

Our commercial and industrial clients benefit by knowing that NorthEast Energy Advisors is navigating the complexities of the dynamic market on your behalf. NorthEast Energy is a regional load aggregator and maintains 100% alignment with your budget and cost objectives.

How We Got Started

Our clients benefit from NorthEast Energy Advisors services by having our contract negotiating expertise, market knowledge, pricing transparency and recommended guidance.

Our Ideal Customer

We serve Ohio and Pennsylvania commercial business and industrial complexes, saving our clients money and time in obtaining the energy needed to run their business or plant efficiently.

NorthEast Energy Advisors can make an initial assessment and recommend improvements to mitigate your overall energy costs.

Our Team
Dave Mikula from NorthEast Energy Advisors
Dave Mikula
Products & Services

Energy Advisory Services

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Commercial Energy Advisors

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Business Electricity Prices for Property Management

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Industrial Energy Advisory Services

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