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Anyone, who simply put, pound for pound, dollar for dollar, is looking for the best Return on Investment over and above any other media dollar spent in the Market Place.

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Consumers are bombarded with as many as 5,000 advertising messages each day. It’s almost unfathomable, but when you consider the evolution of technology and the daily addition of new media, the idea is certainly not a dubious one. As the media landscape continues to grow and diversify, it simultaneously becomes more fragmented, making it increasingly difficult for businesses to communicate and connect with customers.

That’s why outdoor advertising is more relevant and more powerful than ever. It reaches people no matter how they consume their media. Outdoor can’t be turned off. It can’t be ignored. It can’t be skipped or flipped. It reaches people outside the home, where they spend 70% of their waking hours, in the midst of making purchasing decisions. Ultimately, it builds brands and drives transactions in the BIGGEST, BOLDEST way!

At Adams Outdoor, we build enduring customer relationships and create solution-based campaigns that directly impact the bottom line for our clients. We customize integrated marketing strategies to help form stronger brands for our business partners through a powerful mix of formats, locations, and technology, including online place-based messaging.

If you are interested in learning more about outdoor advertising and how it can work with your existing media mix email me at jgodsey@adamsoutdoor.com or call me at (843) 901-1393.

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Dealing with Midax was an absolute pleasure. They were always able to provide a creative and cost effective solution for any issue we encountered.

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