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Anyone who wants/ needs to improve their credit score. Prospective home buyers, car buyers, student loan sufferers, job seekers, veterans, victims of identity theft, you name it, there is always someone who needs our help.

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Since 2007, we have been the only legal and bonded credit repair company in Richmond and its surrounding counties. We are also in full compliance with the FTC’s CROA (Credit Repair Organizations Act). We also service nationally as well, based upon an Affiliate Agreement with one of our referral sources.

We practice ethical credit repair. This means that we demand 100% accuracy in every component of every trade line on a credit report (which is required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act). Our techniques help the client achieve this by identifying the many errors in the derogatory information on their credit reports and very assertively demanding accuracy. When the bureaus choose to not comply with the clients’ rights under the FCRA, we build a paper trail of this non-compliance. The paper trail then goes to our legal team who might find it necessary to sue the credit bureaus for violating the FCRA. This is one of the reasons why our credit repair technique is extremely effective.

In addition to the credit bureaus, we also audit the client’s original creditors and collection agencies. We know that a client’s credit will not get approved for financing with unpaid judgments or anything in the “past-due” column on the credit report. So, one of the ways for us to get a report ready for approval is to fully audit the accounts as reported to the bureaus by the original creditors. We immediately go on offense with the collection agencies and demand full compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. When the derogatory information is not removed, and the collection agencies do not properly validate the legitimacy of the debt and their right to collect it, our legal team might proceed with litigation against them for violating the FDCPA.

When an original creditor or collection agency complies with the law and the debt owed by the client is proven to be valid, then it needs to get dealt with. It is impossible to get 100% accurate and 100% verified negative information removed from a credit report. The next step is to settle the debt. Our debt settlement professionals aggressively negotiate the balances down.

In addition, we encourage all clients to complete our free twelve - week credit coaching program. These intense coaching modules are designed to change the habits that directly caused the decline in their credit profile. The main objective of the system is to produce a well-rounded, financially educated client. The coaching modules are always available free of charge to any one requesting them, and are included with every new client’s enrollment.

Results of each audit and all “work in progress” will be compiled and sent to the client so that they are aware of what is happening each step of the way.

CRA President Robert Linkonis is actively involved in every case - and just like a doctor or dentist comes into the room to explain the results of your check-up, Robert will personally discuss the results to date and give recommendations for the next action cycle. Get to know us better at www.creditra.com/About_Us.

Thank you for taking the time to become acquainted with Credit Restoration Associates. Please call me at any time for all questions. Also, be certain to ask me about business credit and funding!


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We specialize in repairing damaged credit situations to enable individuals to become "mortgage ready", auto loan eligible, clean up credit in general and ensure security clearance for jobs that require it. We also specialize in building business credit , separated from their personal credit and...
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