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About Us

We harvest and vet new homeowner leads for businesses around the country. These are new homeowners or movers who have just moved in to a new property/address and usually made a move of over 5 miles away from their previous location. As such they are just starting to develop buying habits at their new location and since we harvest their information faster than any other data compiler in the country, our customers get the benefit of reaching these new customers first. Being the first to make them an offer for any kind of product or service, in a new area, is likely to win their attention and get them to visit. So, if you run a business and provide services or sell products you should inquire us about our list. It's a simple subscription that provides you with the right leads for your business, each and every week. You get to pick what criteria you're interested in - such as high value homes only, or only condos, or only homes with a pool - the freedom is yours. We just provide an excellent service and an even better marketing list.

How We Got Started

As a small business owner, our president saw the need himself, for vetted hot leads that are provided in a timely fashion (that means that you get to the right person at the right time!). He saw the opportunity and Homeowners Marketing Services was born out of a smaller company he acquired. Almost 50 years and over 20,000 customers later and we're still doing the one thing we know how to do best: compile accurate and fresh list of the new homeowners and movers across the nation.

Our Ideal Customer

Any small, medium or even large company, that sells products or services to consumers (i.e. B2C) is probably going to find us a perfect match to help reinforce their marketing strategy and do so in an affordable manner. Our services start for as low as $98/mo and you can try us free at first. We only want your business if you see success and results. After all, most of our customers have been with us for years, just for that reason. Because it works and because we enjoy working for them and help them grow and succeed.

Our Team
Laura Friedman from Homeowners Marketing Services Inc.
Laura Friedman
VP Sales
Noah from Homeowners Marketing Services Inc.
Barry Weiner from Homeowners Marketing Services Inc.
Barry Weiner
Robert Hannah from Homeowners Marketing Services Inc.
Robert Hannah
Operations Manager
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New Homeowners who move to your area don't know your business, but likely have a need for your services. How do you make them your customers? Eureka ! We have the solution. Receive a weekly fresh list for two weeks, consisting only of leads in your area. Contact them in any way you want;...