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An ideal customer would be a part time resident, heavy traveler or need tasks taken care of inside their home.

About Us

We are Trusted Professionals. Clients who work with us get a combined 50 + years of service.

Home Watch, Organizing, Housekeeping and just about anything you can think of for your home, JUST ASK!

How We Got Started

I had a Professional Organizing business in Pittsburgh PA for over 10 years. When I moved to Florida, I decided to start up a business to meet the needs of home owners who travel often or own a second home. I have over 30 years of home experience and love homes. Let myself and my staff care for your home too.

Home Watch, catering, party Assistance, organizing

Registered, Insured and Certified with the state of Florida. You are safe with Nancys Concierge Services. We provide Home Watch, catering, Party Assistance,Professional Organizing. Complete Home Service! It's Servive with the Golden Touch.

Home Watch

Do you ever think "what if"? What if something happens to my home while I'm away? Who is there to take care of things? Your home is your largest investment, so why leave it unattended for a pierod of time with no one to watch over it? It needs care just like everything else. Nancy's Concierge...
Businesses We Recommend
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