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We help you grow your business by securely improving your employee productivity, performance, collaboration & mobility abilities. Too many organization are relying on old technologies and past ways in managing/supporting I.T. Thinkwise will find you the right solution set to evolve how you do business in the modern world. Technology is rapidly changing and cloud is one of THE best ways to improve business competitiveness while effectively addressing ransomware/cyber crime and lowering over all technology costs.

As a strategic cloud adviser and service broker, we help you map out business processes for improvement using Lean techniques and methodology while selecting appropriate cloud technologies to assist in improving business outcomes. We provide consulting advice so you can make informed business decisions prior to signing any cloud and support contracts to ensure you get the right transition expertise and cost effective ongoing support, security and management of I.T. that your business deserves.

If you're contemplating the follow, we should talk:

- Looking to performance improve business processes and people?

- Improving hiring and retention of millenials and other knowledge workers that seek modern and mobile IT environments?

- Reducing the complexity and capital costs of traditional I.T. (servers, storage, backups, operations etc)? While obtaining 7x24 coverage?

- Solving particular business challenges through better employee collaboration, information sharing and effective teamwork but not sure where to turn?

- How do i improve and automate certain business processes like HR, procurement, engineering, product development and management?

- Can i make my employees more effective across sites, locations and in a mobile world? Reduce long distance, improve teams?

- Can i engage employees and clients in social business networks for more effective idea sharing and conversation continuity?

- How do i obtain and retain cost effective ongoing I.T. support skills for 7x24 coverage my business demands?

- Can i make my business more resilient from various disasters?

We work on YOUR behalf to provide strategy and business justifications on appropriate cloud use for your business. Then ensure you get the right certified and experienced delivery organization to get you there and keep you secure and operational over the longer term.

Why struggle to figure it all out?

reduce your time and risk by connecting with us to discuss your challenges.

How We Got Started

We have many years of previous experience in helping large enterprises solve business challenges and decided to take that knowledge into the small to medium market in a desire to help organizations gain business advantages that come with cloud technologies while also obtaining the necessary I.T. expertise for cost effective 24/7 coverage in a world where it's often difficult to obtain and retain a qualified I.T folks needed to support and grow your business.

Our Ideal Customer

Those looking to take advantage of cloud as a way to speed new business abilities, consolidate I.T. costs, risks and improve inefficiencies of their business processes, teams and people. From a dozen to 500 employees is the sweeter spot for immediate cloud impact although we've also helped many larger organizations too. We DO NOT sell any hardware but will recommend what's needed there should a get to cloud be an evolution over time.

If you're looking to change and transform the way you do business, we should talk

Our Team
Chris Sator from Thinkwise Solutions Ltd.
Chris Sator
CEO & Principle Consultant
Products & Services

Gaing Business Advantage with Cloud Assessment

We assess your IT infrastructure and help you reduce capital expenses and give you redundancy and scale to grow more easily without the need to buy/fix/maintain hardware as well as avoiding data centre space/colo

Improving Business Performance with Lean & Cloud

Your business is either looking to grow or rectify what's preventing you from growing.....Improving the performance of your business means mapping out and improving business processes to enable scale, reduce waste (in time, efforts, materials, communications) and streamline communications among...

Raising Employee Productivity - Office 365 Adoption

How does your company collaborate, and share information more easily? Remove manual efforts and time consuming data manipulations? We bring Office 365 to life - going well beyond email and file sharing to project/task planning while making teams and processes more effective. If you're not sure...

Cloud Strategy & Planning

This is all about how your business benefits from going cloud instead of buying and supporting I.T. hardware, colocation and software locally. How does it enable better security? greater mobility for your employees? increase sharing of information and innovation? speed to deploy? provide greater...

Disaster Recovery & Resiliency Strategy

Determine your most cost effective way to recover in the cloud and the approach you should take to protect from disasters, ransomware and errors.

Helpdesk and Desktop Support Services

What level of support does your organization need? Starting with ensuring your desktops/laptops are consistently patched and secure with Anti-Virus definitions is a good start but we can also include full Helpdesk services for supporting your end users on Windows 7/8/10/Mac/iOS/Android devices...

Cloud Migration & Transition Services

Migration to Office 365, Azure Identity and InTune mobility management Migration of your applications to IaaS clouds

Managed I.T

Need help in augmenting or providing full coverage to monitor, patch, backup and administer, servers, networks and storage systems? -- whether on premise, colo or cloud, we can ensure consistant care of all your I.T. infrastructure so you can keep focus on your business. On cloud due to...
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