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I Specialize in Residential MORTGAGES in GTA and Ontario

• My services are free for you. The lender pays me a finder's fee (except of most complicated cases).

• I don't work for any one bank, I work for you. Banks employ specialists to protect their interests. You employ me to protect yours.

• It never hurts to get a second opinion. I will provide you with some options so you can compare the two - what your bank is offering you, and what I am able to offer you. Then ultimately you decide which you feel most comfortable with.

• I shop the market on your behalf saving you time. Contacting me is like contacting many different lenders including banks, credit unions, trust companies etc., and a thorough analysis of all financial information received from them.

• The application process is simple and quick. I will take some information ONLY ONCE and then send it electronically to the lenders that I feel are the best fit for your situation. With self-searching (without a mortgage agent) you would have to fill out long questionnaires again and again in each bank.

• Banks don't want you to know about interest rates available through me. Since I send lenders millions of dollars of new business, they always offer me the deepest discounts which I pass on to you IMMEDIATELY.

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