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About Us

The Cat Practice mission: to provide quality care for cats during all stages of life by learning new information and procedures and passing our knowledge on to our clients so that our patients may have lives of high quality.

How We Got Started

The business was opened in 1989 by Jennifer Malin, DVM, and sold to Lori Coughlin, DVM in 2007. We love cats and want them to be cared for by people who share that love.

Our Ideal Customer

We love cats and want to help our clients have long and happy lives together with their cats.

Our Team
Lori Coughlin from The Cat Practice
Lori Coughlin
Businesses We Recommend
Dr. Shanan is a kind and caring veterinarian who has helped many clients over the years with well pet visits, and end of life and hospice care. He goes above and beyond at times for those who need him and his staff.
They love dogs and take great care of them.
The staff did a great job helping rehabilitate me after a partial torn rotator cuff injury.
Ellen and her team work hard to reduce pet overpopulation by encouraging responsible pet ownership, spaying and neutering, and getting community cats spayed and neutered too.
The food is delicious and the owners and staff are wonderful.
My husband and I have been using The Dinner Club for several years and have found the food delicious, and the recipes easy to follow (usually!). We get the split meals and that gives us dinner with leftovers most of the time for lunch for him. We highly recommend trying them out! You'll be happy you did! Lori Coughlin, DVM
My husband likes your beer (I'm not a beer drinker).
They have the food and supplies we need on short notice. Friendly staff.
Past Events & Promotions
We offer discounts on the first and third Friday of each month to cats 12 years and older. These apply to exams, vaccine visits, lab, blood pressure and fluid administration.
We offer discounts on services for senior cats, 12 years and older, on the first and third Friday each month. These include exams, vaccinations as needed, lab testing, and blood pressure. Often older cats need more frequent testing or follow up care, and we want to make it easier for clients to...
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Assure them that you will take a little time to spend with the cat, playing with them or sitting on the couch with them. Also taking in the mail or papers so there's less risk of someone breaking... (more)
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