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Dual Business Owner

Business Building With Carisa

Promotional Company: "We Bring Your Brand To Life"

And we DO NOT do it by charging huge fees in advance! We work we get paid that's how business goes!

Business Building With Carisa

Making sure and assisting your company in using the world of online social media, direct marketing, networking, live streaming and face to face marketing to it's full potential! I aid you in building your business in any area possible. I consult you on what your doing and configure a strategic plan to increase profits. I'm also a power house lead generation head hunter! If you need customers call me!


Beauty By Carisa:

Holistic Chemical Free Lifestyle service's


How We Got Started

I started at 17 years old Im headed on 40 and it was started out of survival and I wouldn't have had it any other way it taught me WORK!

I am also a member of The National Association Of Professional Women a by invitation only association. http://www.napw.com/users/carisa-sanders

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Carisa Sanders
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I am offering 30 min one time FREE social Media training session private 1 on 1 on how to generate sales and appointments fast and get right to the person you need and no beating around the bush. No need to buy or looking for leads. You will wonder how it's been in front of your face all this...
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BENEFITS OF A 3D INTERACTIVE VIRTUAL TOUR AND 3D INTERACTIVE VIRTUAL REALITY "How to Navigate a 3D Interactive Virtual Tour" Introduction OUR INDUSTRY Retail - Real Estate - Hospitality Travel - Venue - Insurance - Construction ● Getting and winning more listings makes it easier, this...
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Major Marketing & Business Building

We Bring Your Brand To Life! Through major marketing, social media, live streaming and other business building strategies! www.BusinessBuildingWithCarisa.com
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Excellent service had our window repaired on our car within 24 hours no charge to us at all! Mike is an excellent representative!
Trinity Rescue Mission
Trinity Rescue Mission
Trinity Rescue Mission
Trinity Rescue Mission
Trinity Rescue Mission
Past Events & Promotions
Happy New Year. I trust one of your goals is to have your brand been seen more. By gift to this community is if you create a promotion TODAY by 3pm EST I will share them all on ALL my networks. 2 business twitter accounts, Linked in, my facebook private business owner success group, my facebook...
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I'm known around here to those of you familiar for putting you on blast! Well if you think my sharing is awesome you haven't seen anything. I have running a special that will last until the new year! Send me a new ad eash week and I will blast it to my over 10 social media accounts and over 1mil...
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Free with any $5 purchase and 10$ + free Sh/H Theraputic grade pure EO's ONLY https://jadebloom.com/user/BeautyByCarisa Start The New Year Right For Your Health FREE Full-Size Bottle of TRIM Metabolic Blend w/ Any Purchase Over $5. 1 Day Deal! Use Code: TRIM

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