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I am very flexible in being able to design a website, logo, brochure and more in any field such as:

• Dental

• Engineering

• Real estate

• Small businesses

• Language Schools

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Bako Design, Veronika Bako, offers complete graphic and web communications strategies. Whether your logo needs to be strengthened, your corporate identity brought into sharper focus, or your website made more visually appealing.

Bako Design will ensure that your message delivers the impact you need to provide the advantage you want.

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How We Got Started

My background is Fine Arts. I have been naturally attracted to anything to do with design. With the advent of computers I became immersed in designing digitally.

Through out my life designing and painting are where my passions have been consistent.

Web and Graphic Services

• Responsive Web Design • SEO • Social Media • Graphics • Email Marketing • Responsive Forms graphic services • Billboards • Posters • Newsletters • Logos • Brochures • Banners
Businesses We Recommend
Denise is a pleasure to work with and is very precise with her work
Big Shoe Media has a powerful, affordable and effective service to help your website be more visible on Google. Visit their service at Big Shoe Media for more information. https://www.alignable.com/ottawa-on/big-shoe-media#
I had a look at his website that was very professionally done. Additionally, his photos were beautiful Veronika Bako Bako Design
Van's Pressure Cleaning has been in business for a very long time and have a great reputation for doing outstanding work
BMI has been in business for decades and have grown exponentially over the past few decades. They take great care of their customers
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