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Now You Can Leverage the Second Largest Search Engine

Up until now, video has been out of reach for most business owners, but all that has changed. The barriers that prevented them from getting valuable back-links and views on video streaming sites have been overcome.

The Good News…

According to many authorities…

Email with video gets a 200-300% increase in click-through rates

Including video on landing page will increase conversions by 80%

Youtube reports that mobile video consumption rises 100% every year

50% of decision makers look for more information after seeing a video

Real Estate listings with videos receive 403% more inquiries than those without

The Bad News...

According to surveys, these are the biggest Barriers for business owners...

The cost to have a professional Production company make a video is too high

The time-cost to make it yourself is too high

Video hobbyists and students do not understand the value of a Brand

The video quickly becomes dated, people leave the company and clothes go out of style

Very few Business Owners want to get in front of the camera

Business owners are not comfortable with an actor representing their company


Unlike having people in your video, our videos are made from media that you already own.

Our blog posts speak to the core of your business, and will never go out of date.

Or just send us a link to a post you like, and we will convert it without any copyright issues.

You do not need to involve more people or spend more money to create new material.

Our simple plug and play methodology makes getting relevant, branded video on Youtube, simple.

We can also convert your video into a PowerPoint Presentation to post on sites like Slideshare, one of the highest ranking sites on the web.

Very affordable and effective.

Blog Post to Video System

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