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We think of our clients as the visionaries of our Company. They are the innovators creating the path to a renewable building future. Bamboo Living hopes to connect with sustainability-minded folks who are ready to build their dream home - and a healthier planet.

About Us

Bamboo Living Homes are the first and only code certified permit-able bamboo structures in the world. Since 1995, we have proudly designed and permitted more than 350 bamboo homes in the Hawaiian Islands and other beautiful locations in the world.

How We Got Started

During a walk through the bamboo forest on Maui in 1994, our founder Jeffree Trudeau experienced an epiphany. He understood that it was time to make his vision of “a better way to build” a reality. Shortly after his resolve, he met Co-founder, Architect David Sands, and together they began to co-create the first certified and permitted bamboo homes in the Western World.

Bamboo Living Homes are an imaginative and bold solution to the tremendous impact caused by conventional building practices. Every bamboo home that goes into production saves about 10 acres of forest from being cut down.

The enduring quality and structural integrity of bamboo is a testament to the combined skills and genius of Jeffree and David. Bamboo Living Homes are still the only international building code certified, permit-able bamboo structures in the world.

We invite you to join the growing family of bamboo homeowners and be a part of a truly grassroots movement.

Bamboo Home Packages - over 30 models to choose from!

Bamboo Living - Live in Your Values. What if you could build your new home with an eco-friendly alternative to timber? What if you could wake up every day in a natural handcrafted habitat that brings the organic calm of nature indoors? Bamboo Living Homes are the first and only code...
Businesses We Recommend
Nathan has helped us out greatly with our mechanical engineering needs!
Michael assembled a beautiful bamboo home here in Puna - he does great work!
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We love Kalani! Book your stay in a bamboo Tropical Cottage and use the code "BAMBOOLIVING" to receive a 10% discount!
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They are accelerating Hawaii toward 100% clean energy!
We use Precision for all our structural engineering needs. They are great to work with!
Gorgeous art inspired by Hawaii!
They take care of all of our printing needs when we're submitting drawings for permit on the Kona side!
Great local printer! Erwine has produced high-quality and affordable signs, banners, and brochures for us!
Beautiful location on the Big Island! Relax in Puna at the Bali House!
A great source for off-grid supplies!
Puna realty experts!

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David Sands from Bamboo Living
David Sands
Chief Architect & Co-founder
Angela Sugar from Bamboo Living
Angela Sugar
Sales & Office Manager
Ciro Podany from Bamboo Living
Ciro Podany
Designer + Marketing & Sales