About Us

I have submitted for a grant to buy homes outright for veterans.

I and am working with another group to set up healing centers using cutting edge technologies for PTSD such as crystal light beds and frequency (sound) healing.

How We Got Started

Our planet must begin a tremendous healing journey. By breaking out of the control matrix that tells us scarcity and lack are the only available options, we can reach for the stars! Un-learning the idea of (or belief in) limitations is the first step.

Businesses We Recommend
Yes, very sweet people. Their place is always immaculate. They live and have their business right along the main road to the hot pond, and other scenic destinations.
Warmth, hospitality and personifying the aloha spirit are what they extend to all they come in contact with. I think they are due for an open house party.
They personify what "Made In America" should mean. Kudos for integrity and sustainability.
  • northern Cali/ Big Island Hawaii Pahoa, HI 96778
Our Team
Kevi Beach from buying homes for veterans/ building healing centers
Kevi Beach