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An ideal customer is: 1) a mosquito magnet that needs my Mosquito Magik product 2) Goddesses that want to learn how to use the jade-yoni egg. 3)People that care about their health and want to live their life fully and happily

About Us

I am teaching women practices that cultivate and consciously use sexual energy for health and vitality and an expanded sense of awareness. These exercises cover all the bodies (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual). I also make and sell a mosquito protection product called Mosquito Magik.

Mosquito Magik

This is the worlds first mosquito protection taken internally. Just 3 dropperfulls in the mouth and within 10 min. you are bite free for 4hrs.
Businesses We Recommend
I love these all natural mineral based skin care products.
Great location by the best beach in lower Puna. Beautiful accommodations too.
These two are my favorite mentors. They taught me so much and they are a very good example of unconditional love. I am so inspired by the love they share and all they do for helping shift the consciousness of all that come into their world. A truly inspiring couple.
These are desirable homes. So beautiful.
Beautiful place and friendly health conscious people. Easy to find and get to.
A gentle and effective Chiropractor
It is a beautiful and affordable accommodation
Cindy has a lot of knowledge to share and has the best cleansing system I know of and all the folks there are very loving.
The people at Therapydia are kind and caring and very good at what they do.
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Iolani Diva from Wise Woman Ways
Iolani Diva
Jade Egg Goddess