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Verdance is a boutique landscape design studio offering a full suite of services to help homeowners in Palo Alto and throughout the Peninsula enjoy their landscapes to the fullest. Our attractive, informative conceptual designs give you clear insights into the types of plants, materials, and structures we envision for your property. Our extensive networks help you find the right licensed landscape contractor to install your unique project. And our detailed, precise planting plans ensure your new garden will come to life just the way you imagined. Even during construction, we'll select plants, stone, fabrics, accessories, and other materials; inspect all plants upon delivery to guarantee the choicest specimens; and remain on hand for the installation of your landscape, to assist with the questions that inevitably arise in the field. The result? Quite simply, a garden you love to live in.

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Verdance Landscape Design is a boutique residential landscape design studio in Palo Alto, California. Our imaginative yet practical designs celebrate both the homeowner and the site, revealing ever...(more)