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Our story began in hot water. Staring into the caramel colored water while dipping the simple tea bag on a tiny string by its paper tag, all that came to mind was, "There must be more to tea than this. Throughout history, the drinking of fine tea has inspired revolutions, colonial expansions, whole economies. Countries have been founded, fought over and flourished all because of two leaves and a bud. This cannot be the source." And, hence, the journey to TeaLula had begun.

After many years of research, study and a non-stop journey into the world of tea, TeaLula's owners and Certified Tea Specialist, Sheila Duda, and husband Fred Duda opened their doors as a tea lover's urban oasis in March of 2008. Blending brews and knowledge of the finest imported teas and exclusive custom blends, TeaLula features more than 100 unique loose leaf teas from gardens around the globe.

Our exquisite selections, available both online and in our shop, will please both the most discerning enthusiast and the tea-tasting beginner. At our tasting bar, sample away until you find the right brew. Then select from our variety of teapots, infusers and other accouterments to make the perfect "cuppa" at home.

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Sheila Duda from TeaLula
Sheila Duda
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White teas are very light and delicate and contain a higher portion of leaf buds than any other tea, leading to a mellow, sweet flavor. The are best drunk plain with no strong foods or flavors to compete with such a royal tea experience.


Green teas are the classic style drunk throughout Asia. Known for their strong vegetal, grassy and sometimes fruity flavors, this is tea that reflects the true flavor of the plant the closest.


Oolong teas from Southern China and Taiwan are only partially oxidized, putting them between green and black teas in color and flavor. They are known for flavors ranging from floral to fruity to nutty and toasted, and for an incredible finish. These are also the ideal teas for steeping multiple...


Black tea is fully oxidized and known for its strength, copper color and incomparable brisk flavor. We carry a selection from all around the world, with each region showing off a unique character -- some spicy or fruity, while others are malty or smoky.


Herbals are known best for their relaxing, mellow qualities. They tend to be either floral or minty in aroma and are some of the most soothing brews we stock and as such, are popular around cold and flu season.
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