Our Ideal Customer

Our ideal customer is the prestart-up or new small business with 99 employees or less. Though we perform business development services for all types of companies, we take pride in helping service companies. Our ideal customers are single owner and businesses with small owner groups.

About Us

The Saafenet Corporation has been delivering results since we opened in 2015. Our goal is to provide both superior customer experience and enormous value for our business colleagues and our customers.

The corporation began its existence as the result of a two-year study. The study was aimed at determining the reasons working people were afraid to go into business. And why those that did, met a disproportionate failure rate. Because of the result of that study the corporation developed methodologies to dramatically increase success rates.

The corporation employs CPAs and business consultants with dozens of years of experience in business, accounting, and tax issues. Any new team members added to the original staff must demonstrate he/she not only possesses those minimum qualifications. But, that he or she is passionate about exceeding your expectations.

How We Got Started

In addition to providing an answer to why new small businesses fail, the CPAs, and business consultants of Saafenet were all retired from professional practices. Since they were all independently wealthy, they sought to pass on their years of experience in growing and improving small businesses to the next generation of entrepreneurs. Sure you can go to Fiverr, upwork and other companies that allow you to get discount work. But, if you don't know what you need, you wouldn't know what type of consultants to contact. If you make an appointment with the Service Core of Retired Executives (SCORE) you are dealing with executives from large companies. Their advice is free, but not necessarily, what new start-ups need. Saafenet only works with new or prestart-up companies. And, we only do one thing. Provide you with a foundation to make more money.

Basic and/or premium revenue enhancement services.

We don't just coach or educate you we give you the tools to increase your sales.We analyze a companies operational, pricing, and government contracting strategies, suggesting improvements. Then add a free e-commerce website. Clients are provided instruction on combining those components into a...
Businesses We Recommend
Offer your clients the comfort of a plush office with the extraordinary furnishings available from PVI Office Furniture.
I was unaware Rudy was in private practice. Now that I have been made aware I will include him on my list of CPAs I refer clients to.
When you are looking for the finest services available from a CPA, you should be contacting Graber & Associates.
I have known Jeff Thompson the founder of the firm and Ralph Bazilio since college. Unfortunately, Jeff is no longer associated with the firm. Ralph Bazilio is one of the finest accountants I have had the pleasure of knowing. I would proudly recommend his firm to anyone in the greater Washington D.C Area. They provide awesome accounting, management and tax services, available through Bazilio Cobb and Associates
For the finest tax and accounting services in Chicago, contact Jeff Badu, CPA.
Your uncle Sam will get his share of your income. Discount Tax Services will limit how much he will get.
To ensure you're business operates efficiently, contact AIS for the results you need.
The best small business and non-profit accounting in the region.
When you need the superior services only a CPA can deliver, contact Scott McReynolds.
If you are in need of project accounting for government contracts or accounting for any business WC Shelton is your man.
I make recommendations based on the geographical location of the client. Unfortunately the bulk of my clients come from outside the area. Thus I have only been able to make a single recommendation to Frye and company. I am not aware if the referral has contacted them yet because they will be looking for a year end audit and they operate on a calendar year. We however, encourage Mark Frye to reciprocate with any clients he has who would like to increase their sales through the addition of an e-commerce website. Or, others who would like to prepare to get into the 8(a) program. Our revenue enhancement services are such a new concept sales are still modest. We expect that to change as the word gets out.
The finest CPA firm on the Eastern Shore.
For the finest proffessional services around, contact Clifton Larson Allen, LLP.
Tony M Di fatta offers companies in the greater Baltimore area the finest professional services available through a CPA in the area.
For the finest accounting services that can be delivered by a CPA contact Steven J. Hudoba.
They have consistently delivered quality tax services to the customers we referred to them.
They are great for in home companion services for the seniors in your family.
When you need the professionalism only a CPA can provide, you should be calling David A. Snyder.
George Prytula adds the special touch to his accounting/auditing, management and tax services everyone has been looking for.
Charles Ofori and I worked together on 8(a) contracts for the federal Government. He is an extraordinary accountant known for his high quality work. Any company in need of a state of the art CPA firm should be contacting Ofari and Associates.
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