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About Us

We help our clients develop and implement durable income strategies. Many people, as they approach retirement age, have had some success in saving and accumulating a nest egg during their working years. However, most people do not have any idea how to turn their savings into an ongoing, inflation adjusted income stream for their retirement years. We utilize Advanced Time Segmentation strategies, much like a large institutional pension fund or endowment, that gives our clients more peace of mind.

Advanced Time Segmentation is a different way of looking at and presenting financial planning. At its core, we match our client’s assets to their income liabilities. Meaning, we lay out a strategy that creates inflation-adjusted income that addresses risk by giving equities (stocks and stock mutual funds) time to potentially grow untouched. This approach allocates assets into different time segments based on the period of time when those assets are expected to generate income.

Most retirees or pre-retirees with a wealth accumulation strategy, hunger for stability and are attempting to avoid risk. They strive to build their portfolio on investments that will provide income for their lifetime and beyond. Strategy-driven firms such as Harvest Financial have adopted an approach to retirement planning that incorporates time segmented retirement income distribution, a strategy that aims to provide investors with stability, growth and income.

Our Ideal Customer

Our ideal client is typically within 15 years of retirement and seeking to make a successful transition to retirement income, or already retired and looking to optimize their income potential.

We also manage 401k, profit sharing, cash balance, defined benefit and deferred compensation plans for small to medium sized businesses.

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Peter Han from Harvest Financial
Peter Han
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