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This is a one-of-a-kind, tailor-made, professionally supervised, natural weight loss program. If you exercise but still have belly fat or hit a plateau, STOP and call Dr. Matar for effective solutions.

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Basic program

Our weight loss program begins with comprehensive testing and the creation of a tailored weight loss plan. The purpose of the testing is to establish a baseline (starting point), for program management. The plan itself, which uses real food that can be purchased in a regular grocery store, is...

6–Minute Adaptive Resistance Exercise (ARX)

ARX Fit dynamically alters resistance to efficiently meet exercise goals in just minutes each week. The system solves the strength variation problem, combining motorized resistance with a smart computer system. Its motorized resistance perfectly matches the user’s changing strength over the full...

Advanced weight loss testing

Using the most advanced wellness and fitness technology available, our fully computerized testing protocol includes 3-D Full Body Scan, Body Composition, and numerous Heart Rate Variability tests.

Inflammation repair plan

Experience dramatic relief from stubborn inflammatory symptoms (body aches, pain, and stiffness) and lose significant weight!

Med Reduction program

Reduce or eliminate medications safely through frequent testing, effective coaching, PCP coordination, and supervised training.

Diabetes Relief Program

Diabetes Relief Program: Establish a personalized food/exercise routine to help get rid off diabetes naturally.

Life coaching

Our life coaching focuses on helping those over 50 develop the lifelong skills necessary in 21 areas including nutrition, hydration, sleep, energy, exercise, stress, schedule etc.

Cardio Peak training

This 20-minute PCT workout is a powerful way to fight weight gain, especially for women. Benefits: Lowered midsection fat by a factor of 5.7x, increased cardio capacity in as little as 2 weeks.

Detox Pressotherapy

The lymphatic system drains fluids from your body and helps remove toxins and waste products from your tissues. Lymph function supports your immune, digestive and nervous systems.
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If you are over 50, and having hard time finding the best workout for you. Call us now for a full comprehensive fitness testing and personal training session . 626-844-4686 The computer-controlled ARX system, a highly effective 10-minute routine, automatically adapts to the strength of the major...
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Would you like to know you Fat percentage, Hydration level, or even your minerals level? Call now to book you spot (value $195) free for Alignable members.
Food cravings are more than just satisfying your hunger. When you have a strong desire for sugar, salt, fatty foods, fried foods or any other type of unhealthy “junk” food, your body is trying to tell you something. Find out what your cravings mean – and how they can be stopped - at our next...

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