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About Us

Hiring Solutions Group is a local executive recruiting firm focused on human resources and sales. Over 16 years of history and great experience placing hundreds of employees in their dream jobs. Owner Michael Schlager has recently earned the Elite Certified Recruitment Expert award from AIRS - less than 100 people worldwide have earned it.

Our Ideal Customer

Both: Companies looking to hire & Individuals looking to UPGRADE their career.

Our Team
Michael Schlager from Hiring Solutions Group
Michael Schlager
Products & Services

Executive Recruiting & Career Upgrading

Bringing Leading Candidates to Leading Companies for over 17 years. We use a collaborative approach proven 100's of times. We use DISC, Myers Briggs and various Testing & Evaluation methodologies beyond the behavioral studies we do. See www.HSG-edge.com for greater detail or be bold and call...
Businesses We Recommend
My wife is a professional, has little time to shop. You can drop in and literally within a few minutes have a few pieces to choose from. Great staff, great atmosphere. Lara is bringing Madison Avenue to Passaic - Hoo-rah for Lara !
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