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Start-ups and small businesses with limited budgets and open minds!

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I am a Philadelphia and South Jersey based consultant specializing in food-based digital marketing, social media marketing, promotions, and public relations. I provide strategy, management, and assist with whatever my clients don't have the time to do. Visit https://phillygrub.wordpress.com/about/ or https://phillygrub.wordpress.com/hire-philly-grub/ to learn more!

How We Got Started

I'm passionate about food and social media. I want to help restaurants and food businesses get the most out of using the Internet and social media to market and promote their business. I also work with other local, service-based businesses to increase their reach and find customers online.

Social Media Consulting for Small Businesses

Helping restaurants and food-based small businesses with their social media needs (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) I can also help other local, service-based businesses. https://phillygrub.wordpress.com/hire-philly-grub/

Influencer Marketing for Small Businesses

Do you want to connect with local influencers to help promote your restaurant or brand? I provide hyper-local influencer marketing strategies and execute them, connecting you with social media personalities who have a large local following.

Local SEO for Small Businesses

More and more searchers (especially on mobile devices) are looking for local businesses. Local SEO can help your business stand out in the search engine result pages. I can optimize your presence to help acquire leads and customers.
Businesses We Recommend
Because I love to support small food businesses!
Great place for a blow-out or special hairstyling. If they can help my fine, limp head of hair, they can help anybody. Can't recommend them enough!
Delicious Jamaican Food!
Because chocolate! :)
Denise is a consummate PR pro. She does a great job of publicity and media relations for her restaurant clients and shining a bright spotlight on the food scene in Conshohocken. I would recommend her and her company to any restaurant looking for PR and media placement!
Great popcorn. Perfect for gifts or any time!
Absolutely the best roofing company in Camden/Burlington hands down. A portion of our roof was in dire straits; we knew it was bad and it was gradually getting worse. Well, just recently rain water started pouring into our house. In a panic, I called Gasper and they immediately came out to assess the situation and estimate the job. They gave a fair quote for a comprehensive and proper repair using an extremely durable material. I said "Let's do it!" because time wasn't on our side here. I feared the next rain storm, knowing water would be pouring into my house. Because they knew how worried I was, they fit us in the same week! Their men came out early to start the job and stayed until it was completely finished. They did an outstanding job of cleaning up, leaving no debris behind. This company is the epitome of professional and efficient. I can't recommend them enough! They will be our go-to company for any future jobs, too, rest assured. I'm a very satisfied customer and you will be too!
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3 months ago • 2 Likes
There's already a lot of great feedback here, but I will throw in my .02 anyway. I have found that bood-based businesses absolutely need to be active on Instagram. Take visually appealing pictures... (more)
Marilyn Johnson answered What Other Features Do You Think Would Be Helpful for...
3 months ago
I'll start. I wish we could group photos in the Gallery; like make folders so the photographs could be organized better. (more)
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