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BRIEFLY: RBS helps people like you manage a portfolio of properties in maximizing the ROI generated from the maintenance of your building assets by guaranteeing the things you want: design, cost, and schedule. We turn the Complicated Traditional Concept of maintaining roofs on a portfolio of buildings into a Streamlined Process that eliminates stress, frustration, conflict and delay.

EXPERIENCE: RBS has over 30 years working in the roofing and building envelope sector with a thorough understanding of the interdependencies of the entire building envelope. We have worked on over 20,000 buildings, that means over 20,000 separate issues solved scientifically! When you want the best results, RBS is here for you!

HOW WE ARE DIFFERENT: We take a keen interest in your interests and guarantee you the things you want: design, cost, and schedule.

• When the design is bad, you get leaks that lead to costly damage. That is why we guarantee our design is right and back it with the best industry warranty.

• When budgets are not met, that causes a huge impact to your company. That is why we guarantee the price right up front with no cost overruns.

• When schedules are ignored, it costs you a lot of money. That is why we guarantee our schedules. If we fail to meet them, we pay you back!

HOW WE GET BUSINESS: People like you want to move away from the complicated Traditional Concept of roofing and roof maintenance, and move to a process that works better for themselves. Those people call RBS because they want to mitigate their risk and guarantee their design, cost, and schedule. They want RBS’s Streamlined Process! Start now:

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