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About Us

Visit me at AllergyPhoods.com Food Allergy Consultant, Author, Blogger, Mother & Self-professed “Kitchen Geek” my website and media pages are a mixture of product reviews, recipes and advice mixed with a tinge of humor. I write, I cook and I laugh and I aim to make everyone else do the same.

How We Got Started

My son has multiple, life-threatening food allergies. I knew I needed to help others going through the same journey.

Our Ideal Customer

Anyone who need help, advice or someone to talk too.

Our Team
Tracy Bush from Nutrimom- Food Allergy Liason
Tracy Bush
Products & Services

Food Allergy Consultation

1-Hour consultation, recipe ideas, food substitution list, specific products that relate to your allergy needs and where to find them as well as recommendations. For details go to http://allergyphoods.com/sample-page/


A resource guide to the initial stages of food allergies including taste-tested allergy-friendly products, ingredient and company information, kitchen must-have's, substitution lists, recipes and other helpful information. Additional book reviews can be viewed at www.AllergyPhoods.com

Brand Ambassador/Brand Influencer

Allow me to showcase your product in a unique way. Thinking outside of the box is my specialty so why not see what I can do with your product too? http://allergyphoods.com/sample-page/
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