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I am a home based Travel Business. I have different travel certifications with various vendors and suppliers. I arrange Groups, Singles, Family, LGBT, themed vacations along with all types of travel. If you have a bucket list and the time, we can make it happen!

How We Got Started

I always loved Travel, so I decided why not make a business out of something that is fun, rewarding and life changing. So basically I show people how to travel and have fun, while earning a great income!

Travel Services and Travel Business Opportunities

FPS Fun Travel is a full travel service. This is my home based business and I work on my own schedule. I have access to all types of travel and airfare. I also have business opportunities which can be discussed on a one to one.
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Felicia Shanken answered Can Anyone Recommend Some Fun and Exciting Marketing Tips...
about 1 month ago
Networking events has always helped me out. I just google free events in my area and attend. Good luck! (more)
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Felicia Shanken
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