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About Us

J.R.’s Elite Bookkeeping Services, also known as JREBS, offers virtual bookkeeping services to busy entrepreneurs all over the United States. Our virtual bookkeeping services gives us the ability to be one Skype call, or click, away when you need us! We understand that with the title of being your own boss, also comes a hectic schedule and countless hours of work and dedication to your business. That is why, we thought it’d be best for our clients to be able to work with their bookkeeper, virtually, and have access to their financial information faster and easier all from one point of access.

JREBS recognizes that keeping accurate financial information is crucial to the financial success of every business. We are also aware that entrepreneurs thrive when their time is spent focusing on their passions and not the bookkeeping! That is why small business owners looking to build a financially sound business, must start by hiring a professional bookkeeper to keep their books accurate and current so that they can focus on reaching their business growth goals. JREBS is dedicated to doing that for you! We are devoted to your success and want to help you reach all your goals! Our clients can build their businesses to their fullest potential by focusing on what they love to do and allowing us to do what we love to do – bookkeeping! Let us help you!

OK, so what really sets JREBS apart from other bookkeeping firms?

Our dedication and exceptional bookkeeping services that help your dream for a financially successful business, become a reality. How do we do this? In all our bookkeeping packages, you get the following core services, which every business needs to be profitable. We offer you cash management services, where we help you make financial decisions based off your business needs, finances and your day-to-day operations as well as help you with ways to maximize your cash flow. We help you with tax planning and strategies so that you maximize your deductions come tax time and keep as much of your profits in your business as possible. We’ll create tailored bookkeeping policies and procedures so that you have a written guideline on how you want your bookkeeping done. We give you credit management and strategy services so that your business credit score is always a priority giving you an open line of credit with banks and your vendors never withhold their services or products from you. We help you become 100% cloud based in your bookkeeping department so that you can transfer funds, look at your financial statements, get your documents and more all from your phone. We proactively stay ahead of any possible problems and record and reconcile your accounts in a timely manner. We offer you virtual bookkeeping services so that you never must take time out of your busy schedule to drop paperwork off or pick anything up saving you both time and money. We are dedicated to helping you grow your business and get the financial success and freedom that you deserve. Lastly, we have a ton of referral partners that are the top in their industries that are ready to work with you and help you in every aspect of your business. Whether that be marketing needs, insurance needs for your employees or yourself, CPA to do your taxes, web designers and more. Anyway, that we can help you to run your business more efficiently, we are one phone call away to help you. We also do this all while offering you a 30-day money back guarantee. If you see in your first month with us, that you aren’t satisfied with your bookkeeping. We will offer you a FULL refund for your payment. What other bookkeeping companies offer you all that in any of their packages? None. Trust us, we’ve done the research!

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How We Got Started

I come from a long line of accountants so it was no surprise when I gained my passion for numbers at a young age and decided I wanted to be an accountant! However, I never imagined that I'd be a business owner helping so many different people… even children diagnosed with cancer. So, after praying on it (for a pretty long time) I realized what I had to do. I decided to use my gift of numbers and bookkeeping for a greater good and even get my client’s involved. That is the day, I vowed to take every client’s first payment, every year, and donate 50% of it to a children’s cancer treatment research charity, in their name, and even send them the certificate for them to share with their family and friends. Today, my passion of bookkeeping and helping others, has grown into J.R.’s Elite Bookkeeping Services, LLC.

Our Ideal Customer

Our ideal clients are small business owners that want to grow their business, save money, learn some of the "do's and don'ts " of bookkeeping (yes, we like to teach you some of the ropes so that you understand your financial statements better), are looking for a virtual bookkeeper to work one on one with (meaning you don't get someone different every time you call us) and clients that want to be cloud based so that they never have to step foot out of their business again to go to a boring bookkeeping office to crunch numbers! You need to see the value in having a virtual bookkeeper and being cloud based in your bookkeeping needs. You want to have coffee and chat? Not a problem! We can set up a Skype call and talk numbers virtually over the computer with our coffee in hand and go over everything!

Our Team
Jennifer Rivera from J.R.'s Elite Bookkeeping Services, LLC.
Jennifer Rivera
Sonia Castro from J.R.'s Elite Bookkeeping Services, LLC.
Sonia Castro
Senior Bookkeeper
Debbie Gonzalez from J.R.'s Elite Bookkeeping Services, LLC.
Debbie Gonzalez
Senior Bookkeeper
Samuel Rivera from J.R.'s Elite Bookkeeping Services, LLC.
Samuel Rivera
Products & Services


“The Prerequisite” Bookkeeping Package is primarily for starter businesses that have minimal daily bank transactions and expenses. This package is perfect for someone seeking the essentials!


“The Blooming” Bookkeeping Package is for small businesses that are in the growing phase and need more than the essentials. This is great for someone looking for day-to-day bookkeeping.


“The Blossomed” Bookkeeping Package is for businesses that need all the bookkeeping essentials. This bookkeeping package is perfect for businesses with a high volume of transactions.
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ATTENTION SMALL BUSINESS OWNER'S! We are now offering a FREE business owner's bookkeeping guide at your request. Our guide includes our top seven bookkeeping tips that EVERY entrepreneur must follow if they want to be profitable in their business. If you would like to receive your FREE...
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ATTENTION SMALL BUSINESS OWNER'S! We are now offering a FREE business owner's bookkeeping guide at your request. Our guide includes our top seven bookkeeping tips that EVERY entrepreneur must follow if they want to be profitable in their business. If you would like to receive your FREE...