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About Us

We believe the path to better health, effortless weight loss, reversing 'dis-ease' and igniting your energy levels must move beyond conventional thinking. Simplex Health unites a fresh approach applying our doctor-approved, integrative programs to re-balance and harmonize the whole person.

Our Team
Emily Benton from Simplex Health
Emily Benton
Director/Health Practitioner
Products & Services

Nutritional Counseling

We work in one-on-one and family settings to build a sustainable path to optimal health. One of our main approaches focuses on reducing inflammation in the body which is linked to about 80% of modern chronic illnesses. Sessions may be covered under your health insurance plan!

Corporate Wellness - Nutrition and Health

We will come on site to see employees to make it easy and accessible for people to gain proper nutrition education! Sessions and services may be covered under the employee's health insurance plan!
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