Our Ideal Customer

Our ideal customers are businesses who want to have better control of the web presence and are looking for a partner to assist in building their Brand Awareness and increase their ability to engage existing customers and attract new business.

About Us

StatesideDNS Registers and Host Domain Names. We also provide Website and Email Hosting as well as Web Security Products. Need to get your Business listed online? We offer Digital Business Listing and Business App development also.

How We Got Started

The reason we started is because we know that we can offer our customers a quality product at an affordable price. We pride ourselves on being able to educate our customer by speaking in terms about technology that they can understand. Our motto is "We make you master of your domain and web presence."

Domain, Website, and Email Hosting and services. Digital Business Listings and App Development.

We provide Domain Name Registration and hosting as well as Website and Email hosting for businesses. We also offer design, graphic, photography and video services as well as Digital Business Directory Listings and Business App Development.
Our Team
Nick Jenkins from Stateside Dynamic Nerd Service
Nick Jenkins
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