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About Us

I offer services to Business, Groups, and Individuals that can be very beneficial to them in many ways.

Some of the programs I offer our in the lines of Health, and Loans, Grants, Financing Investors & Venture Capital. My most popular program I offer is My Voluntary Discount Health Programs our under $20 a month a great add on to any company current Health Benefits.. Signup anytime. I also can offer Companies ways to save 20% to 60% Business Expenses; including:

Credit Card Processing

2. Employer Payroll Tax Incentives

3. Parcel Shipping

4. Property Tax Bill REDUCED up to 20%

5. Property Owner Tax Incentives

6. Waste & Recycling

7. Work Comp Insurance

8. Get REFUNDS for OVER-Payment of: Social Security for Employees; Property Taxes (Owners & RENTERS); Credit Card Processing; and/or Government HIRING INCENTIVES, etc.

10. SAVE 60% in Business Expenses: Utilities (Electric, Gas, Water & Telecommunication Line expenses).

"I am the Solution to many Companies and Individuals Problems and Success."

Please feel free to reach out to me about any of my services.

How We Got Started

My goal is to help business save money and become more successful

Our Ideal Customer

Anyone who currently own a Business, Organization or Facility who our currently looking for funding or ways to save their Company money..

Our Team
Monica Richardson from The Pharmacy Saver Inc
Monica Richardson
Products & Services

Employee and Individual Alternative Health Plan and more

Employee benefits sign-up is slowly approaching offer your employee voluntary health discount plans. For under $20 a month your employee will receive discount on services such as Dental ,Vision, Lab , Medication , access to a on call 24hr Doctor, Nurse hotline and much more. To find out more...
Businesses We Recommend
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