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Our ideal customers are businesses seeking to develop their wine-related revenue streams. This includes wineries, restaurants, retail, import, and distribution companies.

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The story of the Wine School is also a classic American tale, the kind involving bootstraps, street smarts, and second acts.

The original company wasn't a school at all. It was a consulting company named Vinology, which offered grape-to-shop services for small independent wineries. It's clients were largely in California and Italy.

Originally based in California, the company moved to Philadelphia in 2001, for easier access to the European markets.

Two things happened in 2001 that changed the company from a small consulting firm to a wine education school. First was a growing desire to change how Americans learned about wine. The second was the personal, professional, and national horror that was 9/11.

Vinology become the Wine School of Philadelphia soon after. It was imagined to be a place to learn about wine in a friendly, smart environment. A place to learn about viticulture and terroir.

The opening of the school in Manayunk was greeted with great enthusiasm. It was--and continues to be-- a place focused on the wonderful and international community of wine lovers and wine lovers.

Over the past two decades, the school has changed location four times, has featured a wide range of amazing instructors, most of whom went on to become well known in their own right.

The one constant at the school is the high quality of classes. That is something the school's founder, Keith Wallace, has demanded since that very first class in December 2001.

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