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Age > 10, anyone who is willing to improve upon their health!

About Us

Pr1me Movement is your ultimate source if you're looking for one on one physical therapy, personal training and strength and conditioning. Virtually no where else can you find this continuum of health care under one roof!

Biography of the Founder:

Chad R Kuntz, DPT, PT, OCS, CSCS, TPI-1, CISSN: He is currently board certified in Orthopedics, a Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Certified in Sports Nutrition and a Titleist Professional Trainer Level I. In addition, he has contributed 5 articles to research, one of which is being published in the field of Telehealth. His personal history of athletics in high school and professional history has formed a dynamic that allows him to successfully treat any musculoskeletal injury from head to toe of virtually any age.

How We Got Started

Insurances are drastically impacting the quality of service that physical therapists can provide. With less compensation per visit, physical therapy clinics are resorting to an increased volume of people per day resulting in a decreased quality of care. In addition, the healthcare system is tertiary and only acts upon diseases, illnesses or pain after it's well into its course. Pr1me Movement was started to be preventative, to provide unmatched 1-1 care, and to provide a continuum of health from early rehabilitation to personal training.

Strength and Conditioning Evaluations

Performed Online or in person, this hour long evaluation will help dictate which workout program is right for you. Level of exercise intensity, type of workout program, duration of the workout program ( in regards to weeks), and specificity towards your goals will all be incorporated. Since...

Annual Movement Assessment

Long story short, the healthcare system is lacking. It is tertiary in its assistance rather than primary in prevention. Annual Movement Assessments were created to stop the pain BEFORE it starts. A thorough screening of range of motion, strength, strength relationships, quality of movement...

Physical Therapy

At Pr1me Movement, 1-1 care is the only way to provide care. This way the patient isn’t rushed in and out of the clinic confused as to what exercises he or she needs to be performing and why they are performing the exercises. Instead the patient will receive individual attention and will achieve...

Personal Training

With Dr. Kuntz’s extensive health and fitness background, including a doctorate of physical therapy, he will be able to better assist your workouts even if you have several limitations throughout your body. Sometimes it can be frustrating to not be able to enjoy a workout due to pain or...


It’s 2017! How is it that physical therapists aren’t able to reach out to those in sub-rural or rural areas to provide quality movement screens and assist in their health? Well, I think it’s time and that’s what this page is for. Dr.Kuntz has written and participated in a research study that...

TPI-1: Titleist Performance Institute Evaluation

Golf is hard. Golf is harder when you don’t even have the functional capabilities to hit that tiny, stationary white ball. Being trained through the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), Dr. Kuntz will guide you through a functional assessment provided by TPI to determine where your dysfunction...
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