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“ I have worked with Brian for a few years and he is spot on regarding his knowledge, due diligence, professionalism and his kind and understanding p... ”
Written Sep 13, 2017

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Player Development Programs (Ages 3-12)

Play10 Academy
Play10 Inc. is a south Florida based organization with the purpose of exposing youth athletes to the game of soccer.

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Steve Lange from SRL Services, Inc N. University Drive
Steve Lange from SRL Services, Inc N. University Drive answered:
Short answer is yes. Depends on what kind of business insurance you mean.Insurance helps when the unexpected happens. I've had flood insurance on my home in Florida and Texas never expected to need it. We lost our whole first floor to Harvey and insurance will help us recover. That's thousands of dollars in claims for a $500 premium the ROI is w... (more)

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Chiro Medical Care, Plantation FL
Doctor Jon from Chiro Medical Care wrote:
Has a desire to actually get well, not just short term relief. Also does not need to have any pain but is interested in improving their posture and how their body works, or functions, wether to improve their sports performance or prevent future injuries. (more)

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Bost Billiards, Plantation FL
Fred Bost from Bost Billiards
Plantation FL • Speciality Retail
We refinish, rerubber, recover, or relocate your table. We started as a family buisness and will stay one to serve all of South Florida. Call us for more!
Joined on Sep 18, 2017

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