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Men in Business : from the self-employed person who wants MORE, the Managers of regions & departments, even in multi-national corporations ... to the owner(s) of a company with 100 employees who want BETTER, EASIER and/or MORE.

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Most of us started our own businesses because we're great at our "trade", but few people started their businesses with the Entrepreneurial Know-How. You've been learning it, though, through the school of hard knocks. The 7 key business strategies on which Lynne trains already exist in your business. Lynne's training gives you clarity; a roadmap; increase in confidence; TONS more FUN ... and many of Lynne's clients TRIPLE their profits within months. THEN when their businesses grow it happens FASTER & much more EASILY ... giving you much more in profits than when you slug away at growing it by yourself.

Lynne helps business owners, regional & departmental managers and salespeople to increase their performance, become better leaders, prioritize FUN outside and inside your business ... and coaches you past whichever obstacles that may be stopping you from reaching your goals and living your desired lifestyle.

Lynne trains on Key Business Strategies and then coaches/helps you follow through on YOUR OWN ideas ... all the way to pay-dirt.

How We Got Started

After 1/4-century career as Legal Assistant, HR Manager, Operations Manager and chief-cook-and-bottle-washer in small law firms my head was hitting that proverbial "glass ceiling". I created a 3-year vision of my leaving my career for something MUCH more exciting. And did I ever!!

It was while teaching English as a 2nd language in Belgium (after Korea) that I came upon Professional Coaching. I immediately enrolled in a program; earned my Diploma; started my business when I got back to Canada; became the General Contractor building my own home within a few months of launching my business ... and I've continued to look forward ever since!

I do warn my clients in my higher-end programs, though: HANG ONTO YOUR HATS. YOU'RE IN FOR ONE HELLUVA RIDE!! :-)

And within a couple of years they can't even imagine running a business like they did for many years before we met.

Talk about FUN!!

75% savings STILL WITH 300% guarantee on Diagnostic Asmnt

Who, of your clients/customers, do you think wants MORE & BETTER ... and MUCH MORE EASILY from their businesses? Sure, we all do. Right? So, who of them might be interested in learning how to "bring their vehicle in for a diagnostic assessment"? Our business is THE VEHICLE to deliver us and...

DIY Business Strategies Training -- Special Price for Alignable members only

Get the details here: http://mljinternational.com/work-with-lynne/do-... My special offer exclusively for Alignable connections -- for the month of September -- is this $1,997 program for 50%; ie. $997. IS IT ONLY FOR CONTRACTORS? No. Not at all. These 7 simple strategies are Key...
Businesses We Recommend
After an indepth conversation with Rich I will most definitely be mentioning him and his website to clients and connections who I feel might benefit from his services.
I shopped around a bit for a car, knowing precisely what I wanted. When I saw the car I believed I wanted sitting on the show-room floor, Joe approached me. He's friendly, NOT at all "salesy", knowledgeable and was able to answer my questions in such a respectful way, I guess is what it is, that I had an instant "like" for his style. I went on and shopped elsewhere and Joe simply gave me the space in which to do that. He may have followed up, but not in a salesy way (if he did). The whole (unusual) transaction was SO EASY with Joe. I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone looking for an Audi (and, of course, I recommend an Audi to everyone :-).
Awesome concept!!! And with a life-time "non-prorated" warranty. Nice.
Check out their product for cleaning your precious carpets. Allergen-free!! And a product to eliminate pet urine. That's a BIG one! Great stuff.
They have a GREAT software system that I believe all contractors should at least look into.
While Corey hasn't done my books, I regard her as one of those entrepreneurs whose paths I've crossed who I feel I could VERY comfortably and confidently refer to those whom she can serve. I trust Corey a lot. I believe all of her clients and prospective clients would be very well served by her.
After an enlightening conversation with Miriam I have no qualms about recommending that others contact her should you be in need of the type of services Miriam offers.
It's a fabulous model of helping people help themselves, their communities, their countries. I've been lending through Kiva since 2009.
Looking for help with marketing a new product or program? Give Tom a call. He'll help you create a well-mapped-out marketing plan ... and execute it.
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