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We have many clients who advertise with us on a month to month basis. The time to advertise is when business is good - many people wait until it's way too late and then they are forced to close down. At La Nueva Voz, we make sure that your business is successful. Just take a look at our Yelp page, we have a 5 star rating and the ideal "customer" is one who has a business and needs to get the word out. Since we own and publish our paper, we have the ability to work within your budget. I offer discount ad rates to non-profits, Pomona Chamber members and many others. We took over the old "la voz" back in 2009 after a very successful 28 year run; sadly, the founder, Candelario Mendoza passed away in 2007 and we brought it back in 2009. Celebrating 8 years this July as "La Nueva Voz" and the most amazing part, is that it's just the two of us, our publisher and myself.

About Us

La Nueva Voz is a bilingual English/Spanish newspaper publication which services the San Gabriel Valley and Inland Empire. We cover grand openings, ribbon cuttings, publish human interest stories and of course I sell ads to help support your business. Deadline to submit press releases, photos and ad files usually the third Friday of each month, however, it is best if you send me the information no later than the 10th of each month. Please send all info to reneebarbee7@gmail.com I look forward to hearing from you. Renee

How We Got Started

After the old "La Voz" ran for 28 years, we decided it was best to take it over and turn it into a community newspaper. We cover grand openings, ribbon cuttings and other various events through the Pomona Chamber and the City of Pomona. We changed the name to "La Nueva Voz" and everyone loves it.

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Anyone who wishes to nominate a person who has done an outstanding job in the community of Pomona may do so by sending me the info, including a high res photo (300 dpi) is preferred, along with a brief 2 paragraph email regarding what this person has done. We publish once a month and we have...


We have several ad sizes to choose from. Simply log on to our website at www.lanuevavoz.net and click on the "how to advertise" button and you will see our ad rates. I do offer discounts to Chamber members and non-profits. Please contact me for more information.

La Nueva Voz (formerly La Voz) newspaper

publishes on a monthly basis. We are a bilingual newspaper and we publish stories, articles, ribbon cuttings, grand openings, human interest stories and of course advertising is always welcome. We have the best rates of any newspaper out there today and best of all, for one low price, you get...
Businesses We Recommend
Best food and Best service of any diner around
Not only is Cal Poly a wonderful college for students, they offer so much more and are currently expanding their campus. We have covered many events at Cal Poly and the Farm Store at Cal Poly. Don't forget about the upcoming Strawberry Festival. And don't forget about the Kellogg House. So much to offer at Cal Poly Pomona.
The biggest State Farm agent in Pomona. John Forbing and La Nueva Voz are personal friends. John has been advertising his insurance services for several years now. He offers a wide variety of insurance and other services. We highly recommend him for any of your insurance needs.
They do wonderful work by providing a safe haven for women and children who need their services. They can help.
We have been Chamber Members for 8 years this July and have never missed one meeting. That's how we grow our business and you can too! Let me know if you are interested in joining the Chamber. I am a Board Member. Thanks
Ron Bolding is the CEO and they have been wonderful clients with us for the last 4 or 5 years. Seniors who are eligible for Medicare should contact Gus Arias who we know very well for your health insurance needs.
On Line College Courses. We know the owner very well. What better way to earn a college education from the comfort of your home with your personal computer.
it's a great Charter School where students learn amazing skills! I highly recommend The SAE if your son or daughter, or anyone else in your family is being involved in so many awesome products and plays.
My mother was intro nutrition before she passed away of cancer in 2000. Health and finding Natural resources like this one can be very beneficial. See what they have to offer. You might be pleasantly surprised. I plan to check them out.
Awesome art collection and all of the proceeds from the items they sell go right back into the museum.
They hold many events and we cover most of them. They have a huge banquet room available for rent for those who need a large room for celebrations and many other huge events. Please contact Mickey Galivan.
David and Margaret are in dire need of Foster Parents. They serve up to 1,000 young girls every year, helping them with a wide range of services.
I do know someone who raves about delicate smiles in Chino. Gloria offers a very pleasant experience when you visit her office for your dental needs.
Carlos does an amazing job with his knowledge and expertise. If you need a good reliable techy guy, call Carlos. He's your guy!
Their Vets are hard working men and women who come out to community events and perform for certain ceremonies. Donations are always welcome.
PUSD is awesome! They recently won the Golden Bell Award and have implemented some wonderful programs including Footsteps2Brilliance A wonderful reading app for children who attend school from ages as young as 4 on up.
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