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Brick and Mortar stores continue to close daily. Newspapers are as thin as they were at their startup and Online Advertising is exploding. New sites sprout up daily with city names or catchy names with huge promises of tons of views which are not always true. We use Google Analytics on log term view and JetPak for daily and weekly analysis.

Treasurecoast.com has been in this online space for 11 years and was rejuvenated in mid 2016. We added Cyndi Lenz as Editor and Nick Wilson as Our Webmaster. Our new site is now alive and flourishing! We have News, Real Estate, Restaurant Reviews, Event Calendar, Non for Profit fund raising and featured articles. Views are up 600% in the last 6 months through daily SEO and Content.

Jeff Liggett, our publisher owned an ISP in Chicago from 1995-2004 and hosted over 5,000 sites and watched what worked and what did not (www.anet.com) Treasurecoast.com is our domain name! We are positioned organically with search engines that NO ONE can override with money or SEO. Over our history we have learned what works in this region and what does not. Let us help you navigate these murky waters.

Call me today - I am here to help your business grow!

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TreasureCoast.com is ready to help service industry businesses for preparation and once the storm passes - as we have a special offer for anyone to advertise those services on TreasureCoast.com that your business can help with everything from putting up your hurricane shutters to repairs and...
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Don't miss your chance to reach 15,000 people with the perfect way to reach the Treasure Coast and the Palm Beaches with two publications.. 1. Palm Beach Passport 2. Treasure Coast Passport This passport sized guide to shopping, dining, recreation, information and area maps fits in your purse...

Advertising/Marketing to help your business grow!

TreasureCoast.com is here to help your business get more exposure to prospective customers!

Advertising/Marketing to help your business grow!

TreasureCoast.com -- you can buy advertising on our website...on our Home Page, City Pages & County Pages. Plus you will be listed in our Directory of Businesses and will be featured on our Facebook page with Facebook Live Broadcasts. To learn more about how to get your message in front of...

Reach tourists of the Treasure Coast & The Palm Beaches

Call or email me for all the details on how you can reach visitors and residents alike with two new publications from TreasureCoast.com *Palm Beach Passport *Treasure Coast Passport It's an actual passport sized, full color, high gloss paper stock that will be full of valuable information for...
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