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Becky Ellison from Superb Hair & More wrote
I love what I do, and I enjoy people. I am not the most expensive, but I am a custom salon where excellent custom work is done. We can not, nor do we want to compete with the cheap hack shops out t... (more)
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Carmen Reed-Gilkison from Locally Rocks wrote
It's only important if you want to maintain a good reputation. (Seriously - obsolete???)If someone slanders you or your business don't you want to know about it? Freedom Social is a great tool, Hoo... (more)
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Edward Flynn from ER Flynn Productions wrote
Out of all the plugins for Wordpress, my most important one is Wordfence. It is my go to for client website security since Wordpress is one of the most widely hacked CMS platforms. Wordfence locks ... (more)
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