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Any residential, commercial, or industrial client from Salem, Oregon to Vancouver, Washington. We believe in supporting a thriving, growing Pacific Northwest Economy!

About Us

DataSafe has been a proud member of the Northwest business community for the past 30 years. Founded in Portland, Oregon in 1985, DataSafe’s story starts with getting in on the ground floor of the technology revolution that began in the 1980s and has allowed DataSafe to grow and mature right along with the advancement of modern technology. DataSafe's services extend to businesses both large enterprise and small office. Our goal is to have satisfied customers with superior customer support and service when you need it.


DataSafe was built with one purpose in mind—to protect our clients' vital assets with a proven combination of security, confidentiality and strict business ethics. Our off-site customers are a who's who of industry and technology both large and small in the Pacific Northwest area. Our clients range from large international corporations to local software developers. We have the experience and dedication to find a solution for nearly any of your storage needs. Keeping assets safe, secure and unknown to outsiders is just another reason why clients choose DataSafe.


We will serve your home, home-office, small business, or large business with integrity, honor, and efficiency. If you're unhappy with an element of our service, we make it right. If you need us, we will answer your call. We are the good guys, and we want to prove it!


-Superior customer service and support over the large “international” providers like Iron Mountain and Access.

-Fair and affordable pricing—no hidden fees or recurring up-charges

-Security and discretion—the safety of your data is as important to us as it is to you

-We are there when you need us—if you're in crisis, we're available 24/7

How We Got Started

Our company got its start during the digital revolution in 1984. As companies grew into the era of the PC, they needed a way to protect and provide physical backup for their sensitive information. Jerry Barnett created a company that would match the values instilled in any veteran of the United States Armed Forces; serve with efficiency, integrity, and purpose.

In the following 33 years since its beginning, DataSafe Inc has grown from our Tape Vault in Tigard, to a Records facility in Wilsonville, and partnered with a Data Center in Hillsboro to provide a full suite of Information Management solutions to our customers.

The most recent upgrade has been to our NAID and State Certified Shredding Service, with 503-DESTROY you can work a shredding company that cares about its community and will show up when we say we will.

If you have any questions, please call Matt at 503-620-3423

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Is your company unhappy with your Shredding Service? We'll slash 20% from your monthly bill, and you'll get a superior level of customer support and service. Call us today at 503-620-3423 to learn more!
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People have asked how they can help us. We've decided to give them a way to do that. Every One-Time Service- $20.00 Every Recurring Service- $25.00 Refer friends, family, or clients. We can help you all!
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Okay, this isn't Indiana Jones, but we want to store your personal or company documents in our Wilsonville Warehouse. Try our Records Storage Service for free until 2018!

Mobile Document Shredding

Our truck comes out to homes and businesses and shreds sensitive documents right in front of your eyes. We take the material to get recycled, making this a very eco-friendly way to protect your business or identity.

Off-Site Shredding

Our trusty small van, large van, or box-truck will come out to your home or office pick up your boxes or the contents of one of our Executive Consoles, and deliver it directly to our shredder, where it will be processed. This is one of the most affordable ways to get your shredding done, with...


Companies today are collecting and producing more data than ever before. Storing this data has gotten easier with the ability to store it digitally instead of on paper, but protecting the data has gotten more challenging as privacy breaches continue to point out weaknesses in data security. One...

One-Time Purge for Data or Paper Destruction

For residential and commercial clients alike- do you need to reduce your clutter around the office? Call us! We can shred your paper and electronic devices quick, fast, and in a hurry! No project is too big or too small for us, and you'll be surprised

Recurring Document Destruction/ On-Site & Off-Site

Do you produce a lot of paper at your office? That's okay, call us and we'll set you up with recurring service. You just tell us if you need a pick up weekly, every 2 weeks, monthly, every 2 months, or On-Call. You tell us how many services you need and we'll give you one of the fairest monthly...

Scanning/Imaging Services

DATASAFE OFFERS TWO DIFFERENT AFFORDABLE SCANNING OPTIONS The marketplace is filled with applications that provide a means to convert paper into digital form. Do you know the difference between a basic scanning application and a capture application? We do, and at DATASAFE we divide these items...

Media/ Data Vaulting

Your information is your company’s lifeblood. To protect your information assets, and your company’s future, you can rely on DataSafe. We are the local leader in providing efficient and cost-effective off-site data storage solutions. Currently more than 400 organizations in the Oregon and...

Cloud Services

DataSafe Online Backup solutions are a true enterprise-class backup solutions priced so that small businesses can afford it. A good choice for supplementing or replacing tape backup systems, as well as for securely backing up remote servers and laptops. The solution couldn't be simpler:...

Data Recovery

We can help. We offer full data recovery and conversion services to both businesses and individuals. From floppy disks to RAID Systems and everything in between, we'll help you get your data back quickly and securely, so you can get back up and running with minimal downtime. We utilize...


Let us assist your efforts so that data can be used as you need it today vs trying to find old antiquated hardware. Getting your data should never be like finding a needle in a haystack. Call us today and learn how we can help. We can convert many different types of data from one format to...
Businesses We Recommend
Andrew Mallory and Compass Computing Group are not only providing a solid service for your IT needs, but they are actively working in social media to bring the Local Business Community closer together. It would behoove any office to visit with Andrew and learn how you can be a part of the amazing things they're up to!
Nothing can bridge a gap in business more than sharing a language, or finding a medium in which to understand each other. That's why Marie is so invaluable to any company looking to reach those they don't speak the same language with, and develop business possibilities with understanding. I look forward to partnering with her in the future to make the community in which my company does its business that much more close-knit. Everyone should give her a call!
Daryle is knowledgable, helpful, and personable...these are all the tools to survive in the world of social media- which is an art, a practice, and a practice of intuition/consistency. On all these counts, Daryle can help you. Great connection to have on Alignable.
I had the pleasure of making Carrie's acquaintance today and really got a full appreciation for what she's doing with 1st Senior Care. With specialists that can plan the logistics of staying in your home and independent in advancing age to suggestion of products that can provide freedom to senior clients, there's so much good that can come from working with her company. Highly, highly recommend!
Eric and team are not only talented in their industry, but Eric is genuinely interested in working in collaboration with other small businesses to grow alongside his. Great source of referrals and well-respected company.
Had the pleasure of meeting with Rachael recently. She is EXACTLY the person every small to large company needs for their Information Management programs. As a company that deals with the protection of business and residential customers and their sensitive data- I will be wholeheartedly referring her for the vital education every business should have for this invaluable service.
As a business partner of R&W Engineering I can say with authority that they provide a solid, reliable service and have incredible people. You'll be doing yourself a HUGE favor getting in touch with them.
There's so much to the rehabilitation of the human body and after a long conversation just visiting with Corey, I was blown away by how knowledgeable and personable he was. He wants to not only treat what ails us, but he wants to take every step he wants to make sure he leaves you better than he found you. You really will do yourself a favor if you call him, believe me!
Although not an industry that directly connects to mine, I had the pleasure of getting to know Victoria and I will say that I'm impressed with her knowledge and willingness to help others in this community of Alignable and with understanding where one can find opportunity by using her company. If you'd like to learn about her industry, just ask!
Simply good service. If you want a beautiful floor and design...you just call them and see what happens!
1) They're local. 2) It's always good to research Marketing options that you might want to pursue. 3) The more you know, the more you grow :)
We work for this company as a vendor, but if their service is anything like their people- you won't be disappointed. I'll be sending everybody I know who need custom home work to these fine people!
Any organization that genuinely does everything it can to help our Veterans is a great one in my book. These are the people that risk or risked everything to preserve our country, and Joseph really takes that mission to heart. I plan on helping him in anyway I can and you can too and get yourself some recognition in return. Thank you for all you do!
Logical Position is the real deal. If you need a company that can help yours gain a greater presence in online searches, these are your guys. Experienced, professional and flexible- they are the best service in the area for medium-large companies.
Had the pleasure of speaking with Michael O'Brien today on the phone and while I don't require his services you can tell he has a passion to make sure that you have a life after financial troubles. If I see anyone I love going through troubled waters of bankruptcy, I will definitely send people his way.
Wonderful folks to work with. They are a well-respected company and for good reason.
Like to help small businesses out let me know how I can help!
Wonderful group. Mental Health is so so important. If you or anyone you know needs help, contact these folks!
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