Scene Study Workshop
Saturday Apr 22nd - May 20th
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For the first time ever in Portland, Or, Carole Zucker will be teaching a Scene Study Workshop. SCENE STUDY “Soul: that which is in us, that is most human.” The technique The Scene Study class focuses on techniques developed by the legendary Uta Hagen at the HB Studios in New York. The workshop includes exercises concerning important actors’ questions, such as: Who Am I?; What Are My Circumstances?; What Are My Relationships?; What Do I Want?; What’s In My Way?; and What Do I Do To Get What I Want? Each of these questions is explored through a series of exercises designed to give a deeper reality to your character. The exercises are prepared outside of class and performed and critiqued during the class. The focus of the workshop is the actors’ objectives (“I want”) and obstacles to that objective (“what prevents me from getting what I want? Who is for me and against me?”). Experience: Welcome, but not necessary.
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Acting Workshops by Carole Zucker are devoted to emotional intelligence. Classes are The Meisner Technique, Scene Study and Script Interpretation and Text Analysis. Go to the website at: www.acting...(more)