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I had a nagging shoulder injury that no one could help & wouldn't go away but Acupuncture fixed the problem & made me feel great in the process

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Steve Snyder from East-West Acupuncture Clinic
Steve Snyder
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Inserting Needles into the body which can help ease pain and stress and help harmonize the body During May we are offering 10% off Initial New Patient Treatments (cash patients only)

Cninese Herbs

Chinese Herbal Formulas can be helpful with many conditions: The common cold, PMS, painful periods, infertility, digestive problems, acne & more

Stop Smoking Program

A comprehensive program designed to help you kick the habit. This program has a 80% success rate.It consists of 4 Acupuncture Treatments & a set of optional ear seeds. The cost is $225
Past Events & Promotions
Four Acupuncture Treatments & an optional set of ear seeds. Our program has a 80% success rate.
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Save on an initial Acupuncture Session with diagnosis that may include cupping, tui na massage or heat lamp
Get $10 off during June on an Initial Office Visit & Acupuncture Treament